grean tea extract    綠茶葉精華

        產品編號 : 

        主要萃取物 : total polyphenol: 172 mg/g

        檢測/篩析方法 : Spectrophotometer

        產品形狀 : 粉狀/液狀

        規格 : 

        包裝明細 :  條裝 /

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兒茶素(綠茶素,兒茶多酚):抗病菌,抗病毒,其中EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) 是綠茶中最重要的活性成分,主要生理活性是抗氧化。(EGCG:防止新生血管增生,抑制腫瘤轉移的酵素,抑制腫瘤活化的酵素和基因)

2.Dispels Dampness
Obesity: Lu Cha is taken as a beverage or with food to remove excess fat or oil for slimming purposes. It helps to dispel accumulation of dampness in the intestines.


3.Clears the Head
Headache: Lu Cha clears the head and relieves headache. It is used as an adjuvant herb to prevent the drying, ascending and dispersing nature of diaphoretic herbs from harming the body.


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