Great Burdock    牛蒡精華

        產品編號 : 

        主要萃取物 : polysaccharide16.6 mg/g

        檢測/篩析方法 : Spectrophotometer

        產品形狀 : 粉狀/液狀

        規格 : 

        包裝明細 : 條裝 /

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綠原酸,蛋白質,碳水化合物,菊糖,牛蒡糖,維生素ACP(生物黃酮類)EB群 ,胺基酸,礦物質等。


[Eliminates Toxins and Vents Rashes]:

Dermatological disorders: Niu Bang dispels wind-heat and eliminates toxic heat from the skins.

・Dermatological disorders caused by wind-heat (in which there is more itching but the basic condition is less severe)

・Dermatological disorders from the accumulation of heat and toxins (there is more redness or pain, and the condition is more severe).

・Sore, carbuncles or fixed swellings with redness and pain.


[Clears Heat and Eliminates Toxins from the Throat]:
Sore throat: Niu Bang dispels wind-heat, eliminates toxins and is very effective in treating sore throat with severe pain and swellings, such as acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis.


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